I am one hundred percent sure this is exactly how the anime goes

if I don’t reblog this you can assume I died

this is exactly how the anime goes

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You guys already know what this is.
Like, reblog or follow? I'm in need of some friends.
Why should you follow me?
- im nice
- i give out food
- you get so see f(x) everywhere.
- i will randomly jump into your ask box
- ?? there's nothing bad with following me.

I need friends guys, help this Krystal out.
Roleplayers only please.
|| General RP || 18+ || Illiterate&Literate||
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Send me “I’d totally fuck you” to see my character’s reaction.

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Its been a while…

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I was trimming grass next to the side of the house and I found the tiniest snake I have ever seen.

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Q: To CL, what kind of existence are Blackjacks?

CL: Yes, uh, to me, CL , Blackjacks are… Umm… like family and like friends… They’re like that. Or! They’re also like another part of me. Always, no matter what… Like for our 3rd year anniversary, they wrote a letter to me, Carefully stating the reasons why I AM BEAUTIFUL They wrote that… and I read it. I felt like they… like they really really loved me. And although crying isn’t my style, I got teary from that. By myself. I got all teary like that because of a fan letter. I began to think I should love myself more so that the fans will see that and do the same, and love me more. Really, they’re like another part of me. The fans, all the Blackjacks. Sometimes, there are things that I forget (about myself)… and through these fans, I am reminded again. So I’m always thankful and from now on, With things I do wrong and with happy moments. I hope they will stay beside me and support me. As my friend-like Blackjacks. Thank you.

Let’s not forget how much CL loves blackjacks and even if she did something wrong, she didn’t do it on purpose. Stop cursing her and let’s support her and show her that we love her too. STAYSTRONGCHAE true blackjacks are always beside you.

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